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Sithika of the Blades' quests - Part III

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Sithika of the Blades' quests - Part III
Quest giver Sithika of the Blades
Previous quest

Sithika of the Blades' quests - Part II

Starting Zone


Other Zone(s)

Halls of Mielech
Stinger's Bog

Class Required


Suggested Level Range 31 - 40
Quest items used

Warden's Sack
Crushed Tadpole x 9
Froglok Eggs
Closed Warden's Sack

Item Reward(s)

Warden's Breastplate

Positive (+) Faction

Grobb Wardens
Denizens of Grobb

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Find Sithika of the Blades (Grobb at 300, -167).

You say, 'Go on I am ready'
Sithika of the Blades says, 'In order to truly weaken the frogloks, we should strike their real soft spot-their breeding grounds. I am told that the frogloks breed in stagnant water pools, deep below the swamp, and a particular froglok is given the task of watching the eggs until they hatch, then over the youngest hatchlings until they are ready to be set out into the swamp to fend for themselves. Then, I want you to kill the nurse froglok and steal the eggs which you are to put in the sack as well. Return the combined results to me… and you shall have a true reward.'

You receive Warden's Sack from Sithika of the Blades.

Collect and combine in Warden's Sack to create Closed Warden's Sack.

  • Froglok Eggs
  • Crushed Tadpole x 9

Give Closed Corpse Warden's Sack to Sithika of the Blades.

Sithika of the Blades says, 'Excellent Work. I have no more tasks for you, and this breastplate that all accomplished wardens wear should serve you well.'

Your faction standing with Grobb Wardens has gotten better!

Your faction standing with Denizens of Grobb has gotten better!

You receive Warden's Breastplate from Sithika of the Blades.