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Silver Crown Trading Company quests

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Silver Crown Trading Company quests
The Silver Crown Trading Company controls most of the shipping and caravan-trading between the cities of Dalaya. They also maintain a strong military arm to defend their goods.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: You do NOT have to complete every quest listed to advance from one rank to the next. You will save yourself a lot of time and trouble by checking back with Silver Crown officers after each completed task. They will either tell you "you are a long way off," "you are not QUITE there yet," or "grats on your new rank." By continually checking back for rank upgrades, you'll forgo a lot of unneeded factioning and farming and headaches. (edit 4/5/08)

Some of the zones in which you will find Silver Crown members include:

It is possible to join the Silver Crown in the Heartland Plateau during the Main Quest, once you join them you can work on internal faction quests to earn an augmentation that becomes increasingly more powerfull as you progress. The augments are:

  1. Silver Crown Hireling's Pips
  2. Silver Crown Soldier's Pips
  3. Silver Crown Corporal's Pips
  4. Silver Crown Sergeant's Pips
  5. Silver Crown Trader's Pips
  6. Silver Crown High Trader's Pips

The hireling's pips are received upon joining the Silver crown, the soldier's pips are received during the Main Quest. This is because it is a requirement to raise faction with the Silver Crown in order to continue with the Main Quest. Further upgrades to the pips are not related to the Main Quest anymore. The following article shows how to upgrade the first step: Silver Crown - Heartland Plateau

Increasing Faction

Decreasing Faction

Hireling's Quests

To begin, we would like you to travel to the Heartland Plateau, jutting off of the Eastern Badlands. There, we would ask you to seek out Trader Valnek(I think, a Trader either way) and ask him to join our wonderful organization.

To get you used to working for the Silver Crown, he'll have you go to some local officers. The Sergeant there has a bit of a dilemma. For you see, a team of explorers went to the northern goblin cave, and have yet to return.

If you travel to the northern caves, keep hanging a left until you reach a dead end. You will find a scared Trader hiding behind a rock. He can't escape, and asks you to help him out while he hides behind the rock. You goal is to kill all the goblin "GUARDS" that wander the tunnels blocking his exit. Once you have killed all the guards, return to him and let him know it is safe to run away, he'll know if your telling the truth, and if your not, how many are still alive.

Once you have saved this brother, return to our loving Sergeant, and tell him the news, he'll likely send you back to our dear Trader there, to find more things to prove your worth. He'll send you to the local cook, and the local blacksmith. The blacksmith requires Carbonite Ore from the goblin caves. (mining), and while doesn't tell you how much he needs, 40 pieces is the magic number. The cook, wishes for you to obtain sweet meats for his Heartland Stew, and those would be no drop meat from a panther, and no drop meat from the grizzly bears He may say he needs 1 bear and 2 panther, but he is lying, he only needs one of each. Bring him 4 combines, and you should be done with them.

Return to the Trader, and ask to be promoted. Congrats, you now have your Soldier Pips, and the world of Silver Crowning ahead of you. You gain 50000 experience.

Soldier Quests

Now you can travel into the cold regions of Everfrost. There is a camp there and more tasks for you to complete.


  1. Kill 70 Gemathurns in Featharc Woods and turn in their hearts. (You can turn in up to 75 of the hearts.)
  2. Map out 4 zones. Great Divide, Wyvernfang Coast, Eastern Wastelandss, and Frosthorn Coast. Don't worry, he'll give you a journal for where to go. Invis is a great tool here.
  3. Ally youself with the Othmir, and give them an alliance token. To give the Othmir the token, you must become allies with them first. To do this, you need 51 Brughwar Claws from Siren's Grotto at maximum indifferent.

This will finish your stint in Everfrost, now move over to Goblin Skull Mountains! You know where, the docks!

Goblin Skull Mountains

  1. Get into Kaladim and go to the cleric/paladin guild, kill and kill again, until you get 10 a Metal Deposit List.

Trader Ralika is just to the right inside the entry to the docks is who you turn them in to. The Trader will not accept the Metal Depost Lists without speaking to her.

  1. We uhh, are having a problem with Greater Faydark.....these creatures, known as Treants...well...won't let us cut down their siblings. Kill twenty-five of them.
    Note: Killing GFay Treants will cause loss of faction in Surefall Glade. This will make your alignment slip from Good, to Evil This task is optional.
    Note: It has been confirmed that Only the Treants in Greater Faydark drop the required bark.

Now that you've finished up in Goblin Skull Mountains, you can now turn your attention to Western Badlands, as there's much more work to be done for the Crown!

Western Badlands

  1. Become allies with the Kargoxx and the Centaurs. To become allies with said creatures, do the following:
    1. Centaur - Become their ally by handing in Corrupted Centaur Manes. 40 manes from max indiff. (Note: the static spawns in the houses in the NE of the zone are on a 10 min respawn.)
    2. Kargoxx - To become their ally (the birdies in Southern Badlands). They want you to kill their enemies, the Tarxan, in Lake Starfall and hand in their beaks 4 at a time. This will require around 144 beaks, they drop around 1 in three kills, and there is only one camp just down from the zone in from Southern Badlands. EDIT - Took 144 beaks, not 164, wasted time collecting the last 20. Birds are on a 30 min respawn.--Kerolynne 09:52, 7 Aug 2008 (PDT)

EDIT- Took 158 then alliance clicky - Kariden 27may09

  1. Kill Cyclopsian Warriors in Gorge of the One Eye. You need 10 of their clubs. The warriors don't always have clubs, but if you see them weilding a club, they'll drop one. They share spawn points with Cyclopsian younglings and Maulers. So, pretty much kill everything.
  2. The next quest is helping Trader Milda in Southern Badlands.
  • NOTE: You must speak with Trader Togun (Location (1016, -1988) NW corner of zone)in Western Badlands before Milda will speak to you** You can find her to the left from zoning in from North Badlands, just follow the shoreline. She walks slowly and runs into two corrupted centaur (light blue to a level 62) nearing the centaur village, then 3 kitties (also light blue to a 62) near Paw, and then a named Tarxan birdie (light blue to 62) and two tarxan flunkies (green to a 62) near the Kargyxx village. After she reaches the village and says she can take it from there, make sure to hail her quickly before she walks off and despawns.

  • NOTE: This part of the quest works for the whole group like Newport Ring IV. Make sure anyone in group talks to Trader Togun before you head to Trader Milda and hails her at the end of the walk through Southern Badlands.

  • NOTE: Completing 3 of this steps got me to Corporal rank: Everfrost - Mapping out 4 zones, Goblinskull Mountains - Metals Deposit Lists, Western Badlands - Helping Trader Milda. - Reward: Silver Crown Corporal's Pips and 200.000 experience (Duvinya 12.Sept.2009)

This will get you to Sergeant rank. Below is everything I have found for this rank to do. Listed is what I did to make my Trader rank.

  • NOTE: Reward for Silver Crown Sergeant rank is 300,000 experience. (Duvinya 02.Oct.2009)
  • NOTE: Had to completed 8 out of 9 quest to move from Corporal to Sergeant rank. Miscechapman, 20 Apr 2014

Sergeant Quests

Western Badlands

Collect Cyclopean Elder Staves for Corporal Genein from Gorge of the One Eye. You need 5 of these.

Everfrost Peaks

Collect meat from: (You need 5 of each kind)

She says it will help if you cook the parts in fish oil before giving it to her but she accepts them raw as well. Unsure what benefit this has. Trivial by 20 though.--Darkrhapsody 21:53, 11 August 2009 (UTC)

Eastern Freeport

  1. Trader Fikko (safe passages) wants 40 Relics from clerics and paladins of the Temple of Marr in North Freeport.
  2. Recovery Officer Janson (Seafarer's Roost) wants:
    • Freeport Consitution from Mayor Gundall (2 guards, 5 citizens) Can be taken by a Small group if everyone stays up on the platform, then you won't agro the citizens.
    • Words of Truth (Crusader Adler on the 2nd floor outdoor terrace in Halls of Truth in North Freeport. a desecrated crusader is his PH, and has a 30 min respawn time which is longer than the rest of the mobs in that area.)
    • Business Logs, 4 to be gotten (ALL THE LOGS ARE IN CRATES IN THESE BUILDINGS!)
      • Sales Logs: Hogcaller's Inn from Inn in West Freeport
      • Freeport Bank Logs from The Bank in North Freeport
      • Sales Logs: Freeport Inn from the Inn in East Freeport
      • Import Shop Sales Logs from the Import Shop in East Freeport
  3. Trader Nilanna (Seafarer's Roost) wants 40 Nametags from undead guards
  4. Commander Dursk (top floor of the Port Authority) wants offical guard documents from Freeport:
    • Eastern Gate Documents (From Sergeant Vorek in the Eastern Gatehouse)
    • Western Gate Documents (From Sergeant Tulas in the Western Gatehouse)
    • Guard House Documents (From Captain Garrett in the Freeport Militia House in West Freeport)
    • Freeport Jail Documents (From Jailer Burns in the jail beneath the Arena)
  5. Derela Flamefingers (docks) wants 40 Tome of Magic from the undead enchanters
  6. Historian Thomas (Seafarer's Roost) wants Historical Scribings
    • Teachings of Tyranna (Grandmaster Tyranna)
    • Lexicon of Garos (High Beguiler Garos, lv 65, Enchanter Guild)
    • History of the Arena (The Arena Keeper)

After becoming a Trader, time to go to the head office in Newport.

  • NOTE: Reward for Silver Crown Trader rank is 500,000 experience.

Trader's Quests

Southern Newport

  1. High Trader Bendrick wants you to find and slay 5 Blackscale Spys.

Sea of Swords