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Silver Crown Sergeant - Wild beast meat bounty quest

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Silver Crown Sergeant - Wild beast meat bounty quest
Quest giver High Trader Dreina
Next quest

Silver Crown Trader's Rank

Previous quest

Silver Crown Sergeant's Rank

Starting Zone


Faction Required Silver Crown Trading Company
Quest items used

Fish Oils
Quality Griffon Parts
Quality Rhino Parts
Quality Stormwolf Parts
Quality Terror Parts
Cooked Quality Griffon Parts
Cooked Quality Rhino Parts
Cooked Quality Stormwolf Parts
Cooked Quality Terror Parts

Item Reward(s)


Positive (+) Faction

Silver Crown Trading Company

Experience Reward faction xp
Related overview

Find High Trader Dreina (Everfrost at 1109, -1024).

You say, 'Hail Trader Dreina'
High Trader Dreina says, 'Sergeant, it is good you stopped by. I have something that requires your attention.'
You say, 'I am looking for tasks to do.'
High Trader Dreina says, 'Very good Sergeant, I have a task that requires a skilled fighter, and I can't afford to spare my own Sergeant for it. The head office has made inquiries as to how fit the meat of the wild beasts of the Noth is for the creation of luxury food. I would like you to obtain quality meat - the the very best parts will do - of the following creatures:Snow Rhinos,Storm Wolves,Frozen Terrors and Snow Griffons. I will accept raw parts, but you would greatly help me if you first cooked the parts in fish oils so I could sample them right away.'

Note:cooking the meat involves the baking skill and a Oven and can fail if your skill level is low but can successfully combine with no previous skill.