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Shroud of the Priest Quest

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Deepmaster Talain assigns you the task of purifying the waters of Halas lake.


Shroud of the Novice Quest
Quest giver Deepmaster Talain
Next quest

Petitioner Advice III

Previous quest

Petitioner Advice II

Starting Zone

Southern Newport

Other Zone(s)


Class Required


Minimum Level Required 19
Suggested Level Range 19 - 30
Quest items used

Spell: Cleanse Water
Shroud of the Novice
Vial of Diseased Water

Item Reward(s)

Shroud of the Priest

Positive (+) Faction

Church of the Deep One

Experience Reward 5,000
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Find Deepmaster Talain (Southern Newport at -156, -518).

You say, 'Hail, Deepmaster Talain'
Yes novice, We have received word from the barbarian city of Halas that fish in Lake Halas are sick and dying. You must travel their and cleanse this ailing body of water. Using the spell I will give you. Find the spring of Lake Halas and cleans it to stop any further spread of dieses

You recieve Spell: Cleanse Water from Deepmaster Talain.

Travel to Halas and swim to the bottom of the lake.

Target a lake spring, found at the bottom of the center of the lake, and cast Spell: Cleanse Water on it. a diseased water elemental (Halas) spawns in its place.

Kill it and loot the Vial of Diseased Water from it.

Travel back to Southern Newport and hand the Vial of Diseased Water to Deepmaster Talain.

Deepmaster Talain says, 'What is this? A diseased apparition defiling the lake? This is clearly the work of the Cult of Entropy, the vile underground movement that seeks to corrupt and destroy everything in their deluded madness… We will look further into this, for now, this is for you priest.'

Shroud of the Novice is removed from your inventory.

You recieve Shroud of the Priest from Deepmaster Talain.

Your faction standing with Church of the Deep One has gotten better!

You gain 5000 experience.

Before level 19

You say, 'Hail, Deepmaster Talain'
Deepmaster Talain says, Yes, novice, but your next task requires a better knowledge of clerical magics. Please return when you have practiced and feel able to master the spell “Circle of Healing” — it should prove roughly equivalent to the difficulty of the spell I will teach you.'

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