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Saving Vahir Rahkahl

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Saving Vahir Rahkahl
Quest giver a traveller
Next quest

The Trapped Vahir

Previous quest

The Trapped Vahir

Starting Zone

Southern Waste of Tarhyl

Ending Zone Plane of Torment
Other Zone(s)

Ruins of First City

Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Quest items used

Key of Pain
A Weakened Shir Blade
Mark of the Vah (Quest item)

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The Vah - Final Quest

Additional sidequests (Optional goodies)
  • Unlocked after Rescuing the Vah - Set One
  • Unlocked after Rescuing the Vah - Set Three
  • Unlocked after The Trapped Vahir - Set Four

Find a traveller (Southern Waste of Tarhyl at 1295, 1230, -22).

You say, 'How can I free Vahir Rahkahl?'
a traveller says, 'Once I have retempered the blades, you may turn your thoughts to Rahkahl. He is held in the Plane of Torment, tortured by the Fleshrotter brothers. Drive the Fleshrotters away, then unlock his restraints. While you do that, place the Shir Blade in his right hand and give him a Mark from Lyjan. That should free him. You have two of those things already. As for the key, any follower of Sivyana can be found carrying one, though the most powerful minions in the plane itself are by far the easiest places to find them. If you cannot attack them--for whatever reason--I'm told that certain minions of Tarhyl also carry keys captured from Sivyana's minions, deep in the First Ruins.'

Find Vahir Rahkahl (Plane of Torment at 505, 230).

Gather and give Vahir Rahkahl:

  • Key of Pain
  • A Weakened Shir Blade
  • Mark of the Vah
Note: In order to free Vahir Rahkahl, both Fleshrotter Zrak'Rish and Fleshrotter Zrak'Rash must be dead.
This unconscious vah is shackled to the floor. You unlock Rahkahl's shackles, place the sword in his right hand, and lay the Mark around his neck. It begins to glow.

Your faction standing with Vah Rehn Survivors has gotten better!