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Runic spells

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There are two Runic spells for each class.

The first Runic spell requires you to have the highest ranked badge for your chosen Main Quest faction, for Council of Innovation that is the Council Researcher's Badge, for Silver Crown it is the Silver Crown Trader's Pips and for Blackscale it is the Blackscale Warleader's Mark. If this is all in order, you may progress in the Main Quest, via quest Kaezulian Incursion to the point where you have your Gemstone of the 6th seeker after giving Lady Shaina the Captain's Log from doing the Hate's Fury, The Scorned Maiden event. This event is timed and it is vital to bring an Enchanter, as well as balanced Tier 7+ characters.

She will then tell you to seek out Brother Kromtash in Dreadlands (he roams, bringing a tracker is wise). Complete his 4 quests to gain access to The Refuge in the Dreadlands (far west in the zone through a narrow tunnel). You will be KoS there before completing Kromtash's quests, but once you have entry you will be able to bind within their city. Whilst collecting items for Kromtash, be sure to keep anything else that drops from mobs - scales from basilisks, beaks from birds, femurs and ribcages from skeletons - as these will be needed in later Refuge quests.

Now complete the various quests assigned by members of the resistance here, as well as handing in Citadel weapons from adjacent zone Citadel of the Claw to a froglok called Girix - the more quests you complete, the less weapons you will need to hand him to attain apprehensive faction, the faction level needed to hand in for Runic 1. These weapons can also sometimes be found on the listsold system for 40-150+pp.

Speak to a Slave Scholar in HIdden Refuge once reaching apprehensive faction. A Slave Scholar tells you. I am now allowed to sell to you, (Name). And ask for your assistance.

-[D1] What do you need help with?

a Slave Scholar tells you, "Knowledge (Name), You see Kaezul has equipped his forces with powerful magics..... magics from a different age. We Scholars call them Runic spells, because they are locked by runes."

-[D1] Hm, so even if we had the scrolls, we'd need to unlock them somehow?

a Slave Scholar tells you, "Correct. This is where you come in, (Name). We have a device that can unlock the scrolls. We've seem them used, we know they work. We have plenty of them, but do not understand the mechanism nor do we have a scroll.

-[D1] So you give me the device, i figure out the runes and find a scroll?

a Slave Scholar tells you, "Indeed. We don't know how to finish the unlocking rune, but we will continue looking for clues, and report them to you as we figure them out, the runes themselves are pretty ancient and we believe the baldakans transport the scrolls on a regular basis. But we know no more than that. Good luck unraveling this mystery (Name). You'll need the power.

You receive Unfinished Spell Rune (4 slot Bag) from a slave scholar.

At this point you need 3 spell rune items, and your respective Rune Sealed: Class spell that drops from named mobs in Prophet's Landing at the Baldakan city offshore. You will in most cases need a raid force to help kill here depending on the class. Some pulls are linked, and there is a fast re-spawn rate here. If you are not bringing a raid, you best be a well rounded group with CC, a FD puller and around Tier 8+. Someone with knowledge of the different camps is a must, however it should be obvious what classes are what by their behaviour, name, and the spells they cast.

The other three No Drop items are:

These drop from mobs within Ikisith exp dungeons such as Kaesora, The Bloodied Quarry and Citadel of the Claw. You may get lucky, however in all likelihood you will be waiting weeks for these items to drop even if you are exping in these zones frequently - be patient. If a Transmigratory Goop happens to drop in Kaesora, keep this as it is needed for Runic 2 and is also very rare.

Upon collecting the * Spell Rune Core (most common),* Spell Rune Glyphs,* Spell Rune Shell (least common), place them inisde the Unfinished Spell Rune and click on the combine button, they will Become a Spell Rune (8 slot bag).

Place the Rune Sealed: Class spell you collected from the Baldakan of your class, and hit combine, you will then received the runic spell.

Keep the Runic Spell kit, in your inventory you will now need to upgrade it to receive your Runic 2 spell.

To upgrade your runic kit, you require 4 scrolls from various trash in The Veiled City of Yclist. Yclist, The Veiled City

To be able to recieve your Runic2 spell you'll also need.

From Kaesora off various trash.

From Field of Bone off A nightstalker

Torn pages from Spires of Saitha Bosses: