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Page names that are actually spells should start with Spell: <name>, to help avoid conflicts with items. For example Despair takes you to the items with that name, while Spell: Despair takes you to the spell.

Worn effects should not have have Spell: appended before the name, but should still use the format below. Examples of this are Aura of Balance. This is not necessary for any effect that is numbered, such as Casting Speed Increment V or Valiance III; these effects scale up with their rank, so we just redirect to a page with the formula.

If you add a new spell, make sure to add it to that classes page progression, found off of Class Spells.

Spell Style Format:

{{spelltable| pcclass =  A link back to the class that can use the spell, and section whose level it is 
    |mana = mana cost
    | range = range of spell
    | skill = Alteration
    | cast = cast time
    | aerad = AE Radius (0 if none)
    | restype = Resist type it falls under (Magic, Cold, Fire...)
    | recharge = How long you must wait to recast (do not count universal recast)
    | aedur = if its an AE, how long does it last
    | resadj = how much resist is adjusted (lower = easier for it to land)
    | duration = How long in ticks the spell lasts
    | ttype = Special target type if any (Undead only, lifetap...)
    | restr = Outdoor restriction mainly, but other restrictions can be noted (City only etc)
    | reagents = Reagents if any (Peridots, Rubies...)
    | ratio = damage/mana cost (base only, and only 1 hit/wave/etc)
    | effects = Effect as the parser you are using sees it. Don't bother explaning it here
    | notes = English explanation of what the spell does, strategy for using the spell, personal notes,
 whatever. Just make it useful to others. }}[[Category: Spells]]
'''Items with this effect:''' Links to any items that happen to have this effect

Example spell:

{{spelltable| pcclass =  [[Spells: Shadowknight#Level 9|SHD(9)]]  [[Spells: Necromancer#Level 1|NEC(1)]] 
    |mana = 9
    | range = 200
    | skill = Alteration
    | cast = 1 seconds
    | aerad = 0
    | restype = Magic
    | recharge = Instant
    | aedur = N/A
    | resadj = -200
    | duration = [[Tick|N/A]]
    | ttype = Lifetap
    | restr = none
    | reagents = N/A
    | ratio = .333 - .555
    | effects = HP (per Tick) : 3 - 5<br>
    | notes = The first in the lifetap line of spells. Lifetaps are low resist nukes, characterized with
 fairly poor damage/mana or damage/time ratios, but offset by healing the caster every point of damage
 dealt. Lifetap damage is increased by [[Damage Increment]] focus items, but unique to them, are also
 enhanced simply by casting them at night. While not your first line of offensive tools, one would be
 foolish not to reserve a spell slot for them. }}[[Category: Spells]]
'''Items with this effect:''' [[Sapper Gloves]], [[Obsidian Edged Runeblade]], [[Hammer of Thirsting Souls]]