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Of Misplaced Trust

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From Deirdre Grey in Kelethin.

Part 1
She does not much trust you, however, because of the dream sent by Dis, she gives you a chance.

First she sends you to collect 20 bone chips to show your devotion.

Only gained 200 exp for this portion

Part 2
She sends you to chase after a zombie that has eluded her wrath.

You must kill a shambling abomination found in Cauldron of Dawn.
  • Note: This is a blue con to a 60 and only hits for 30-60 on my shd but hits very fast. It also has around 30k hp so takes awhile to kill with a duo. It wanders from the northeast corner of map south along the shore. It goes down and around to the underwater entrance to Kedge keep and north to the island. It goes past the island and plays in the water a little before turning around to retrace its steps. As a SHD or NEC you can use Sense the Dead to find it on the east side of map but when you get close to the portal, the portal is flagged as being undead so it messes up the sensor. You can just stay on the island near the portal (-400, -850) and watch for the zombie as it will eventually wander paston the west side of the portal. It only spawns at night and has a respawn time of about 10 minutes.

I gained 10,000 exp for this portion

Part 3
The next task is to travel to the Towers of Agony to free one of the captives there.

A tormented victim is being held by gibberlings in north east corner of zone, hail him to start dialog.
After which a the mob will respawn as a level 65 chill touched victim, quad hits for up to 300, kill it and loot the shackles.

Part 4
Return to Deirdre Grey > hand in the shackles > she will then ask for help killing and mob she will spawn > You answer her and she tells you to follow her to the ground below > The npc will spawn quickly (forgot the name, white con @lvl 65) > Kill the npc (I assume you do not want Deirdre Grey to die here so be careful and take aggro asap) > Deirdre Grey falls to the ground > hail her and go thru the chat > hand her the “Green Muse” > use your ammy and return to Dis for new instructions and to upgrade your aug to Champion’s Badge of Dis

Part 5
more to come as I progress this quest