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Nirble's Little Tasks

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== Info ==

Start Zone: Steamfont Mountains
Starting NPC: Overseer Nirble
Level of Quest(s): 1+
Items Needed:
culling the bloodclaw subquest: Bloodclaw Orc Fangs x2
mountain spiders subquest: Mountain Spider Carapaces x2
collecting lion skin subquest: Mountain Lion Skins x2

Mobs involved:
Any Bloodclaw orcs (in Steamfont Mountains)
Any non mechanical spider (in Steamfont Mountains)
Any Mountain lions (Dark Blue to a 15, located around the gigantic cog in the North East of Steamfont Mountains.)

Your faction standing with Underhill Citizens has gotten better!
Your faction standing with Mechanic's Guild has gotten better!
Coin (silver & copper)


Loc -1852.22, 532.89, -107.53
You say, 'Hail, Guard Nirble'

Guard Nirble says, 'Hmm, yes. Hello there! You look like the type that could [lend a hand].'

You say, 'how lend a hand'

Guard Nirble says, 'Ah, you see... I am Guard Nirble - protector of Underhill! I have been tasked with seeking out adventurers such as yourself and provide you a bit of the [excess work] that is piling up for our Guards.'

You say, 'what excess work'

Guard Nirble says, 'Very good, I am glad to see you have interest in performing duties for us. There are currently three tasks I have available - [culling the bloodclaw], [gathering spider parts], or [collecting lion skins]. Which will it be, hmm? Mind you, all three are available to you at any time, so don't be afraid to ask!'

You say, 'gathering spider parts'

Guard Nirble says, 'The guard need sturdy helms, and the mountain spiders of Steamfont Mountains have a very strong carapace. I feel that fits the bill, hmm? Go out there and gather four of their carapaces - return them and Underhill will notice your deeds, as well as make you a little richer!'

Hand Guard Nirble 2 spider carapaces

Your faction standing with Underhill Citizens has gotten better!
Your faction standing with Mechanic's Guild has gotten better!
You receive 5 silver, 2 copper pieces.

Guard Nirble says, 'A job well done, Nerisa. Here is a bit of coin to pad your pockets with! Return more carapaces if you wish, and I will pay you again.'

You say, 'culling the bloodclaw'

Guard Nirble says, 'The bloodclaw are a continued threat to Underhill, and as such, I am to request that you fell them in battle and return four of their fangs to show proof of their defeat. Doing so will increase your standing with Underhill, and put a little coin in your pocket.'

You say, 'collecting lion skins'

Guard Nirble says, 'Our guard tunics are beginning to rust, and as such, we must create suitable replacements. However, our smiths are short the padding which is needed to line the inside of the tunics, and so I ask you to gather four mountain lion skins and return them to me. Doing so will surely cause Underhill to notice you, as well as giving you a bit of coin to spend.'