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Nirble's Creations

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Nirble's Creations


Type Used in Tradeskills
Sold by merchants for 3 Silver
Used in the Tradeskill(s) Tinkering
See also Text
The Book is closed.
WT: 1.0 Size: Small 
Class: None
Race: None

As protector of Underhill my greatest responsibility is researching armor improvements. To this end I have spent hours consulting with blacksmiths, tailors, and tinkerers. Together we have uncovered four new kinds of chest, leg, shoulder, foot, and head protection. Deepmetal plate and chain, as well as imp hide and shadow silk can be merged with clockwork pieces! All new items require the highest level of power structure, and MUST include a perfect battery in order to function.

Regarding smithed armor, you will want to add a Clockwork Woven Mesh to your plate breastplate, chain coat, or chain coif. A Clockwork Gyroscope is needed to craft plate and chain greaves, as well as plate boots. Finally, plate and chain shoulders, plate helmets, and chain boots require the addition of a Clockwork Mana Prism.

The same three clockwork pieces can be applied to various tailored armor. Imp hide tunics and boots, shadow silk pantaloons and headbands use a Clockwork Gyroscope. You can add a Clockwork Mana Prism to imp hide leggings and caps, as well as shadow silk mantles. Clockwork Woven Mesh can be combined with an imp hide amice, shadow silk shirt, or shadow silk slippers.

Most exciting of all, we have learned that the final combination can be successfully carried out by a tinkerer, or the appropriate selection of smith or tailor.

We continue to seek combinations for other pieces, but wished to publish our current findings to drum up interest while we continue our studies.

Overseer Nirble