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Scattered through all towns and in some parts of the country are NPC's which can be used to buy and sell items. Simply right-click on a merchant or stand in front of them and activate your use key (default is U). The cost of items that they sell to you is dependant upon your faction with them as well as your current charisma. Obviously, the better those factors are, the better - you will be able to purchase their items at lower costs and they will buy your items at a higher cost.

NPC Merchant Types

There are several generic merchant types you will run across in the game. Here are the common types of merchants and their wares:

General Supplier
Name Approx. Cost Name Approx. Cost
Ration 2s Water Flask 2s
Dagger 1g 9s Lantern 5s
Torch 4c Bandages 7c
Leather Bag 1g 7s Medical Kit 2p 9g
Broom 1s Shovel 1s


Name Approx. Cost Name Approx. Cost
Lapis Lazuli 1g 1s Turquoise 1g 3s
Hematite 1g 8s Bloodstone 6g 1s
Jasper 9g 2s Star Rose Quartz 1p 2g 3s
Amber 3p 8s Jade 4p 3g 1s
Pearl 5p 5g 4s Jewelmaker's Kit 1p 2g 3s
Topaz 6p 1g 6s Cat's Eye Agate 2g 4s
Onyx 8g Peridot 12p 3g 2s
Opal 20p 9g 4s Malachite 6s
Silver Bar 7g 1s Electrum Bar 1p 6g 6s
Gold Bar 12p 1g 9s Platinum Bar 59p 1g 4s
Ring Jewelry Mold 3s Earring Jewelry Mold 3s
Necklace Jewelry Mold 3s
General Weapons
Name Approx. Cost Name Approx. Cost
Bastard Sword 4g 1s Battle Axe 2g
Broad Sword 1g 2s Dagger 2g
Shan`Esh 1g Flail 2g 4s
Halberd 4g 1s Knuckles 2g 8s
Long Sword 2g Mace 1g 6s
Morning Star 2g Rapier 2g 4s
Scimitar 1g 6s Scythe 4g 1s
Shan`Tok 1g 6s Shan`Den 2g 4s
Short Spear 2g Short Sword 2g
Spear 2g Two Handed Battle Axe 4g 1s
Two Handed Hammer 4g 1s Two Handed Sword 4g 1s
Ulak 4g 1s War Hammer 1g 6s
Axe 2g 8s Great Staff 3g




Name Approx. Cost Name Approx. Cost
Hooked Arrow 1g 1s Balanced Arrow 1g 1s
Arrow 2c Short Bow 1g 3s
Bow 5g 1s Long Bow 15p 8g 9s
Throwing Knife 1s Fletching Kit 1p 2g 3s
Set of Bone Arrow Vanes 3p 2g Set of Ceramic Arrow Vanes 7p 9g 1s
Set of Wooden Arrow Vanes 1p 6g Several Parabolic Cut Fletchings 6s
Several Round Cut Fletchings 1s Several Shield Cut Fletchings 4g
Large Groove Nocks 1s Medium Groove Nocks 3s
Small Groove Nocks 9s Bundled Bone Arrow Shafts 1g 8s
Bundled Ceramic Arrow Shafts 2p 7g 1s Bundled Steel Arrow Shafts 6p 6g 5s
Bundled Wooden Arrow Shafts 1s Field Point Arrowheads 1s
Hooked Arrowheads 2g 5s Hemp Twine 6c
Linen String 1s Silk String 3s
Whittling Blade 8g 2s Planing Tool 4p 1g 8s
Standard Bow Cam 14p 7g 8s Hickory Bow Staff 8s
Elm Bow Staff 8g 2s Ash Bow Staff 6p 1g 6s
Fletching: The Basics of Arrows 6p 1g 6s A Novice Bowyer's Guide 1p 2g 3s
Intermediate Bow-making 11p 7g Advanced Topics in Bow-making 49p 2g 9s




Dock Worker
Name Approx. Cost Name Approx. Cost
Fishing Pole 1s Bait 3c
Dried Fish 1s Fish Cakes 3s
Mug of Ale 7c Fish Wine 3s
Fish Oils 5g 1s Dagger 2g
Deed to a Ship 81,000p
Warrior's Guild
Name Approx. Cost Name Approx. Cost
Long Sword 2g 7c Flail 2g 4s 8c
Spear 2g 7c Battle Axe 2g 7c
Two Handed Battle Axe 4g 1s 2c Two Handed Hammer 4g 1s 2c
Two Handed Sword 4g 1s 2c Bow 5g 2s
Bandages 7c Medical Kit 3p 4g 7s 2c
Warrior's Brew 4s 3c Fighter's Coat 4g 8s 9c
Leather Bag 1g 8s 6c Backpack 8g 6c
Arrow 2c Throwing Axe 2s 1c

Spell Vendor
This merchant is typically found in guild houses or places like the Erudin Library. Their specialty is to sell spell scrolls for a specific class.

PC-Owned Merchants

(info about buying & maintaining PC merchants here)