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Master Unhag's quest

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You say, 'Hail, Master Unhag'

Master Unhag says, 'You address me? Huh...well, it never hurts to have an extra set of prints. i have a task that is perfect for a worthless toad like you.' - [Uh,okay. What exactly do you want?]

You say, 'Uh, okay. What exactly do you want?'

Master Unhag says, 'I have run out of a very...special... powder. My supplier, Barla Turftot, has a shop located in the Great Divide. Make certain you tell her I sent you, and dont come back untilyou have everything I need.'

When you go out to Great Divide Barla, who is only there in the day time, will be right outside the zone line under the water fall. You hail her and then say Master Unhag sent you. Following the prompts she will send you on an errand to get her lunch, she says wolf is her favorite and she wants 4 servings. Any wolf meat will do so just hand her 4 unstacked pieces of wolf meat and you get the special powder.

Go back to Master Unhag and hand him the powered.

(lost complete text in a crash)

He basically goes postal on you for taking so long that he has ripped his gloves (like that really is your fault) and tells you that he basically expected you to know this and come back with new ones because he had asked you for everything he will need. So he gives you his ripped gloves and tells you to go back to Barla and get new ones.

So back out to Great Divide, hand Barla the ripped gloves:

Barla Turftor says, 'Tore his gloves up huh? I figured this would happen again, so I made him another paid ahead of time. There's one problem though.' (yeah I know I said 'paid', that is what she said will need to report that) - [What's the problem?]

You say, 'What's the problem?'

Barla says, 'Well I bcame a merchant for profit mister. This ain't no charity house. If you want the new gloves, you'll have to do something for me.' - [Fine, what do you need?]

You say, 'Fine, what do you need?'

Barla says, 'Hehehe! Furs have been in demand lately, and I need more variety. Fetch me 3 bear pelts off the local Polar Bears and your master will get his gloves.'

--- I am not high enough level to continue so the rest of the quest is unknown to me. I have not tried getting normal bear pelts and dont know if the polar bears in GD actually drop different pelts than other bears. Someone higher level can complete this.

I'll pick up where you left off. I killed Polar Bears but all they dropped were regular bear pelts 

but apparently that's what she wanted. I gave her three and she gave me new gloves for Master Unhag.

I gave the new gloves to Master Unhag and he gave me Mark of Dexterity and xp. This quest also gives
positive faction with Shadow Dwarves even though Unhag is on different faction. I went from
apprehensive to indifferent.

Mark of Dexterity


AC: 2

DEX: +3

Weight: 0.1 Size: Tiny

Class: ALL

Race: ALL

Type 3 Aug Slot: Empty

It would appear that you can get four wolf meat and three bear pelts from any zone to complete this quest.