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Lockpick Guide

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This guide is for all the up and coming Rogues (and the sneakier Bards!) in the world.

Special notes for Bards.
Lockpicking skill will max at 150 for Bards.
Bards will start KOS at the Rogue Guild in Northern Newport. Dal Dannan (Southern Newport) will give Bards access to the Rogue Guild for 10 Platinum.

To pick a lock, simply put a set of lock picks on the end of your cursor and click the door open and then closed. The 'Pick Lock' button is not used. Lockpicks can be purchased at any Rogue Guild. If a door jams during an attempt, there is a delay before it can be reattempted. It may be that harder locks have longer jammed periods. Equiping a Probe will increase pick lock making it easier to open doors and making higher level doors available to you earlier. If your skill is only 40 you can open a door that requires 50 by equipping it.

Guards ignore Hide and Sneak, and will aggro if they are nearby during a lockpick attempt. If the NPCs are green, they may not attack but will still produce Heat.

Newport Rogue Guild

Rikki Red-Hands (Northern Newport at 89, 76) will give you the Lock Pick skill up trials which lead to the item listed beneath the experience banner.

First Challenge

Trivial Level 40
Experience 500!
Soft Soled Shoes

Second Challenge

Skill 25 - Trivial level: 55
Experience: 1000!
Parrying Dagger

Third Challenge

Skill 40 - Trivial level: 75
Experience: 2000!


How Skill-ups work

Each door has a minimum Pick Lock skill associated with it. You must have a Pick Lock skill at least that high in order to potentially unlock it, otherwise you will get a message stating that your skill level is not high enough for that door. No amount of clicking will get you any skill-ups on such a door. If your skill level is high enough, but not above that door's "trivial skill level", you will get a skill-up for every tenth attempt, regardless of whether you succeed or fail. If you succeed in picking a lock 10 times in a row with no skill-up, you have either reached that door's trivial skill level or reached the maximum skill for your level. Once a door is trivial, you will succeed each time - but you also won't get any more skill-ups there.


Skill levels Zone Location Time Notes Goodies
6 - 36 Erudin Palace Erudin City Office Day Night Four doors in the dungeon None
6 - 75 Northern Newport Rogue guild Day Night Set of four doors Quest items (Old Playing Card x3)
30 - 65 Southern Newport Bard guild's neighbor Day Night (485, -45) One guard paths near this house, and a mangy dog inside a rusted blade + Small Coin Purse + Small Painting
30 - >=35 Southern Newport Tailor's neighbor Night Door to the right of the Tailor Small Coin Purse
30 - ? Southern Newport Brick building next to bank with the trash barrel in front of it Night 1 Guard (1:38 cycle), stand as close to the door as possible to stay out of range of the stationary guard near the bank Cheap Jewelry
40 - ? Northern Newport Sneed Galeway's Trading Post Night 2 Doors, near the tavern and pond One guard paths by twice (2:25 cycle) Silverware x2 + Coin Purse
 ? - <=70 Oggok Tailor Night 2 doors, no guards Bag of Gems + Small Statue
 ? - <= 70 Oggok Armor Shop Night 2 doors, no guards None
 ? <= 70 Oggok Brewery Night No guards None
40 - <=73 Northern Newport Houses Night Five doors near Southern Newport
2 north most and the south most can be done at 40.
Robert Grayes's blue house and the red one next to it can be done at 45.
First Guard 00:50 cycle and Second Guard 02:45 cycle
1st house: Silverware x2
2nd house: Expensive Liquor
3rd house: Nothing
4th house: Locket + Small Painting
5th house: Silverware
40 - ? Southern Newport White house behind bank, across the street from office of the people Night One guard paths by twice (1:38 cycle), always a citizen in front that will make you draw heat. Small Painting
<49 - ? Grobb Weapons, Armor, Fletcher, Shields and Tailor shop Night Didn't see any guards. Not sure about trivial levels but I was able to pick it at 49 without using the Probe Coin Purse x2 + Expensive Liquor
45 - 85 Southern Newport Bag n Barrel Day Night No guards patrol here, citizens only present during day time. Cheap Jewelry x2 + Painting
50 - 85 Southern Newport Nesiff's Wooden Weapon Day Night Guard patrols during daytime only (1:46 cycle) Small Statue
45 - ? Southern Newport Voleen's Fine Baked Goods Night Bakery next to oven where you find Voleen during the day. One guard patrols here. Silverware x3
61 - 75 Underhill Near waterfall  ?  ?
57 - 80 Shrouded Island  ?  ?  ?
75 - ? Southern Newport Blue house across from the Alchemist, building where you find Glamrer Night 1 Guard (1:38 cycle), there is always a citizen near by that will make you draw heat. Small Painting x2
75 - 105 Athica Tovanias Venom Day Night Basement (right door) No guard(rats will give you heat if they see you) Expensive Liquor x2
80 - 110 Thurgadin Tailor's door Night Two stationary guards day and night  ?
80 - 110 Athica Armor merchant's store Night Two doors upstairs - [What's the point? The main entrance is locked and cannot be picked with 80 skill.] None
80 - 100 Shrouded Island Basement door Day Night Through mansion main doors, follow left wall to second door, basement door is book shelf at (610, 56)  ?
>=82 - 110 Southern Newport Fish's Ale Day 1 guard patrolling Silverware x3 + Expensive Liquor x2
100 - 135 Southern Newport Building with Silver Crown Soldier out front (258,-299) Day Night Northern Newport Rogue Quest  ?
95 < ? <= 105 - ? Southern Newport The Herb Jar Night One guard (1:38 cycle) Ornate Knife
95 < ? <= 105 - ? Southern Newport Fireprides Night None
100 - 135 Athica Alchemist's shop Night Upstairs; stay hidden None
110 - 145 Athica Tovanias Venom Day Night Basement (left door) No guard Large Coin Purse
110 - 140 Northern Newport The Cobbler Night First Guard 00:50 cycle and Second Guard 02:45 cycle Silverware
X<150 - X>150 Everchill Caverns - Day Night Door to Nazdritch caves -
125 - 160 Thurgadin Mordin's Meat Night No guards None
125 - 165 Thurgadin Argash's House of Carpentry Night No guards None
137 - 160 Thurgadin Doogle's Drinks Day No guards None
<=185 Red Sun Mines yellow area S of merchant Day Night 4 jail cell doors, 2 gobins in cells, one guard at W end. Can hit all 4 without moving  ?
140 - 155 Mielech's Lair Library Day Night Door behind the false wall - stay hidden  ?
155 - 180 Thurgadin  ?  ? Two doors next to each other None
 ? - 185 Eldenal's Mansion Castle door  ? Stay hidden on the guardrail to avoid guard  ?
155 - 185 Northern Athica Building with Tailoring, Jewelcraft, and Lore Merchants Night Three locked doors. Stay in the middle of the hall to avoid aggroing from inside the room  ?
150 - 180 Thurgadin Jeweler Night No guards None
180 - 215 Red Sun Mines SW of merchant(-792, -421, 56) Day Night Goblin roamers  ?
175 - 205 Thurgadin Shadowknight Guild (-20, -110, 2.5) Night No guards None
180 - 215 Cyrtho Malath  ?  ? Near 4 Chancellors  ?
 ? - 180 Thurgadin 20, -120, 2.5 Night None
200 - 235 Thurgadin 11, 155, 2.5 Night Rogue Guild (Directly across from The Icy Mug tavern) stay out of sight of npc inside or you will draw heat  ?
206 - 235 Southern Newport Fighter's Arena basement Day Night In the room that leads to the Sewers  ?
206 - 235 Thurgadin  ?  ?  ?
225 - 250 Northern Newport Paladin guild's neighbor  ? (-32, -87) Guard patrols  ?
235 - 250 Northern Newport Jewelry store Night Two guards  ?
<= 85 Thurgadin Internal door of bank Day Night Guard posted during daytime only None
 ? - <= 180 Southern Newport Office of the People Night One guard (1:38 cycle) Large Coin Purse
 ? - ? Southern Newport Central Port Warehouse Night 2 guard patrol very close by. Once you get in I suggest using a 2nd character to see when it's clear to come back out.  ?
 ? - <= 180 Erudin Tailor Night 1 guard patrol? Small Coin Purse
 ? - <= 180 Erudin Fletcher Night 1 guard patrol? None
 ? - <= 180 Erudin Blacksmith Night 2 citizens nearby, stand on the side of the building by the forge to pick without drawing heat. Tinkered Gadget
 ? - <= 180 Erudin 3 doors at bags merchant.
1 door at entrance.
1 door to get behind counter.
1 door that leads upstairs.
Night 1 guard on patrol? Asmen Durkal inside. Expensive Liquor
 ? - <= 180 Erudin 2 doors inside augmentation shop. Night 1 guard in room, you need a "distraction" to safely pick this lock. Large Coin Purse x2