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Instruction Manual

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Instruction Manual


Type Used in Tradeskills
Sold by merchants for 3 Silver
Used in the Tradeskill(s) Tinkering
See also Text
The Book is closed.
WT: 1.0 Size: Small 
Class: None
Race: None

This notebook is filled with entries that vary from nearly incoherent to immaculate. It is clear from comments within that something happened to the author before he or she could go back and impose order on some of the notations.

Experiments: day 1

... returning apparatus takes a size 2 and 4 sprocket, medium grade battery, mithril studs, but a better one can be made... umm... let's see, ghostmet... no no, warpmetal studs, superior grade battery, clockwork servo, clockwork repulsors ... too many things to remember ... make notes ... clean them up later

Experiments: day 2

It's been days since I've done any work. Fell into a state of exhaustion, slept for a whole day, woke to eat, then did it again. I'm much better now. I must learn to stop and rest before I get to that point.

Today I made some kind of awakening machines. As before, there appears to be a Class I and Class II version. The first makes use of mithril studs, a pair of size 2 sensors, and a medium grade battery. Class II is made with ghostmetal studs, a superior grade battery, clockwork sprocket assembly, and clockwork repulsors.

Off to bed.

"sigh" can't get out of my head, sleep eludes me.

Travel apparatus - size 1 tubing, size 1 sensor, mithril studs, low grade battery - machine is warpmetal studs, superior grade battery, clockwork spring assembly, clockwork supports.

amplification thingies ... size 3 sprocket, size 3 plating, mithril studs, high grade battery ... or ... clockwork spring assembly, clockwork supports, ghostmetal studs ... forgetting something ... some sort of battery I'm sure ... yes, a perfec ...

the words trail off into a scrawl as if the writer fell asleep mid-word.

Experiments: day 3

I believe I've discovered the last apparatus \ machine pairing, described as being used to diminish the user. Class I is size 5 plating, size 5 tubing, mithril studs and a low grade battery. Class II is made of warpmetal studs, a superior grade battery, clockwork sprocket assembly, and clockwork armor power source.

Also gleaned from the notes of a deceased colleague I have found the following:

The first set of items seems to have fairly obvious uses:

Spyglass ; Size 5 Plating, 3 Dalium Studs, 2 glass, 2 silver opal rings

Self-Spinning Lure ; Size 3 Tubing, Size 1 Sensor, Size 2 Plating, Cheap Fuel

Aerated Bandolier ; Distilled Fuel, Clockwork Spring, Clockwork Cog, Clockwork Gear

Breathing Canister ; Spell: Enduring Breath, Size 2 Servo, Size 2 Plating, Medium Grade Battery

Oil Press ; Size 2 Sprocket, Size 4 Plating, Size 2 Tubing, Simple Microbattery

High-Powered Oil Press ; Size 2 Sprocket, Size 4 Plating, Size 2 Tubing, High Grade Battery

Ice Cream Churn ; Size 4 Servo, Size 4 Sprocket, Size 2 Sensor, Medium Grade Battery

Dehydrator ; Size 5 Tubing, Size 1 Servo, Size 2 Tubing, Medium Grade Battery

Smoker ; Size 3 Sensor, Size 5 Servo, Size 1 Plating, Medium Grade Battery

These, however, I plan to make and test. Unfortunately my colleague rudely died before explaining this to anyone. Damn closed-mouthed researchers...

Dimensional Beacon ; Perfect Aquamarine Filings, Superior Grade Battery, Clockwork Structure, Clockwork Shielding

Dimensional Activator ; Perfect Aquamarine Filings, Perfect Battery, Clockwork Servo, Clockwork Armor Power Source

Ley Line Detector Orb ; Ley Energy Shard, Perfect Aquamarine Filings, Size 4 Sprocket, Clockwork Spring, Clockwork Servo

There is more, but it is smeared and blurred beyond my ability to decipher. I will visit the Academy tomorrow and look up my friend in the Manuscripts Reconstruction department. She's the only one I can trust not to steal my work.