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Iksar/Warrior Armor Quests(Newbie Grobb)

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Find the armored troll NPC in the cave near the bank in Grobb. He is named Blackscale Order Quartermaster. Talk to him and as I recall he asks for your newbie note. He will read it and hand it back and tell you to go find a box of armor that was coming in by boat in the nearby swamp.

The box is found UNDER water in Stingers Bog, the Grobb newbie zone. It's in one of the small reed boats found throughout the zone, sunk completely under shallow water, near the island that has the mini-shrooms (which drop items for another quest, as well as Fungus Flesh which is needed for the armor quest, so kill and loot them too.) It's about halfway up the zone map from the bottom, in the middle of the zone, and there are usually a couple of Frogs on the island that has the sunken boat, making salvage challenging.

Take the box back and give it to the quartermaster. Make sure you have about 4-6 inventory slots open as he will give you boots, leggings, arms, and a chest piece. All are something like Barnacle Encrusted armor. Per the story line they've suffered from being under water. You can wear them as is but they're pretty bad. However they're the start of several new quests.

For each part you can ask the Quartermaster something like "What greaves?" and he will give you an armor repair kit and tell you how to fix that piece of the Barnacled armor. Each recipe requires several drops from various creatures in Stingers Bog. Once you have the right parts and combine them with each armor piece (there's about 4-5 recipes) you get some nice warrior newbie armor which you'll want to wear until you upgrade to full plate. The armor has a nice seagreen color scheme and has a fair AC as well as rather significant stat bonuses (for this level.)






Many of the items can be found on various vendors in and around grobb, namely the bag vendor near the newbie hunting grounds.

Once you have finished the Breastplate, the Quartermaster will give you an invoice to hand to Sithik of the Blades, who is near the warrior guildmaster. He will then give you the sword quest. (INFO REQUESTED)

[ Recommend Level 18+ to get the weapons with a group ] Beginner's Kai Katana: 7DMG 28DLY 5STR 5DEX

Beginner's Sei Katana: 6DMG 26DLY 5AC 5STA 10HP