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Guard Flipik's quest - Part II

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Collect Vulfwere mandibles for Guard Flipik


Guard Flipik's quest - Part II
Quest giver Guard Flipik
Next quest

Guard Flipik's quest - Part III

Previous quest

Guard Flipik's quest - Part I

Starting Zone

Sadri Malath

Ending Zone Sadri Malath
Other Zone(s)

Sundered Mountains

Suggested Level Range 05 - 10
Quest items used

Vulfwere Mandible

Item Reward(s)

Gloves of the Spirit Brother
Gloves of the Theron
Gloves of the Keeper

Experience Reward 2250
Related overview

Find Guard Flipik (Sadri Malath).

You say, 'So what's next?'
Guard Flipik says, 'You've got quite the bloodlust it seems. North of the city you will find more vulfwere gathered near their makeshift tents. This time I want you to bring me their entire jaws; Five of them should do.'
Guard Flipik says, 'Kill those vulfwere <Player Name>, the city depends on it!'

Gather and give to Guard Flipik:

  • Vulfwere mandible x 5
As Guard Flipik extends his hand to grab the mandibles you notice a necklace made of familiar looking teeth around his neck.
Guard Flipik runs his fingers over the teeth attached to the mandible, then grins.
Guard Flipik says 'Perfect. Take these on behalf of the city.'

You gain 2250 experience!!

You receive Gloves of the Spirit Brother.


You receive Gloves of the Theron.


You receive Gloves of the Keeper.