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Group Focused Leveling Guide

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I'll start with a brief summary of zones and levels:
1 to 4: Newport noob area
4 to 5/6: Centaur hills entrance from newport, and outside of blackburrow
5/6 to 10-12: Black burrow, top level
10-12 to 12-14: Black burrow 2nd level down
12-14 to 16/17: Shrouded Isle entrance and yard
14 to 21/22 or higher: Warrens entrance and throne room
21/22 to 32-34: Various places: Shrouded isle inside estate, Warpstone, Kaladim, Halls of Mielech deeper in, and outside of paw
32 to 40-45: Kingspass and Heartlands
40-45 to 55: Keep of Mielech
51 to 58/59: Freeport
58/59 to 65: Various Places depending on group, AA's, and Gear. DN, Kedge, Elds, EW, C mal, Miel C, possibly lasanth.


Level 1-4

Any hunting ground will do, my personal favorite for speed leveling is the Newport (known as Qeynos on Live) newbie area.

At this point (lvl 4 or so) it is significantly better XP to group than to solo, for every class.

Level 4 to 5/6

Zone from Newport newbie area to Centaur Hills. Hunt creatures that con even, blue, and maybe even yellow if you think you are up to it. If you start to get too beat up, make a dash and zone back into Newport. Another good area is the outside of Blackburrow. Take out the gnolls, wolves, beetles, etc.

Level 5/6 to 10-12

At lvl 5 or 6 you should be strong enough to venture into Blackburrow. Start killing gnolls that can be single pulled or double pulled. Like previously stated, group XP is where its at. A good, non-twinked, group should be able to kill the top level efficiently, clearing the whole level. If you can do this you will level to lvl 10 in no time. This can continue to be done up until lvl 11 and even 12, but the rate at which you level will significantly decrease during these levels.

Level 10-12 to 12-16

At this point depending on how strong your group is, take the first ramp down (still in Blackburrow), until you are at the first room with 2 gnolls on your left(which are higher level and may cast, and therefore are harder to kill). There is 1 roamer, so it is best to wait for him to start his roam to the top level to down him single, unless he has already been taken down. Now down the previously mentioned 2 gnolls. The room now opens up to 2 bridges, one with water beneath, one with land (the right bridge). Jump down the right bridge on the right side of the bridge and there is a gnoll that spawns directly there. Down him, now there is another gnoll that spawns on the opposite side of the bridge, down him as well. Run back to the last gnoll you killed. There is 4 or 5 gnolls along this wall. 2 are a double pull, the others are singles. Down the singles. The water next to you now has fish in it, pull and down them as well (they can fly so don't worry about fighting them in the water). If you think you are strong enough of a group pull the double pull and down them as well. There is an additional gnoll near the fish as well, pull and down him as well. Keep killing here, it is great XP until lvl 12, and even then it can be continued until level 13/14 and still be good XP. This spawn has about 13 mobs, 9 that can be single pulled and 4 that come as pairs. These should be adequate but if your group is really kicking ass, there are a couple mobs in the area that can be killed as well.

This spawn can be soloed by a lvl 12 depending on the class and/or the skill of the player. Don't get frustrated if you can't take this spawn by yourself, not all classes can and it is very difficult even if possible.

Level 12-14 to 16/17

Shrouded Isle (known as Estate of Unrest on live) Kill the entrance beetles, skeletons, etc. There is only about 5 or 6 guys here.

Note: Don't attempt to pull the 2 skeleton that are guarding the very entrance to the Estate, they can be killed but the real issue is they can aggro a much tougher roaming mob that you won't be able to kill without a quite strong group, but if you do get a stronger group, they can add to the XP.

If the entrance mobs aren't enough, which they probably won't be. Run towards the Estate. When you hit the stairs, make a right (90 degree turn) and follow the wall that is the backside of one of the mazes. You will see 2 mobs, Yatek and Amtek. To the right of their gazebo against the wall is a safe spot. Med/regen (which you should be bandaging instead of waiting for hps to regen) here and pull only when you can pull a single, start clearing around the estate counter-clockwise. As you start to clear the yard, instead of making long runs, move up the yard, the mobs won't respawn for some time so you will be safe. You won't be able to clear very far if solo, but a group can easily clear the entire yard. More mobs can be spawned by running near tree's; it spawns 2 beetles that are lvl 12-14. Also at the back-most entrance there is 1 tough mob that can be pulled single, and if you are able to clear the yard you are definately strong enough to handle pulling the 2 entrance guards that I previously noted not to pull.

Note: Killing Amtek/Yatek is good money, they drop a nice BP, Legs, and an axe that sell for about 10pp each to merchant. Kill them as much as you can as this is a lot of money for your level. I would kill him every time he was up, and run to Erudin frequently to sell. Also the Yardkeeper drops a knife and a shovel that can be sold for about 5 or 6pp each, do the same with these.

At level 14 you have an alternative to hit The Warrens, no explanation needed here, just start clearing as much as you can. Go right when you first enter.

Level 16/17-21/22 (maybe higher)

The Warrens
Go into the Warrens, make a left when you first enter zone. Clear all the way to what is called the Throne Room (the big room on your map). This is where you want to stay. Every mob except the 3 that are at the end of the room near the throne can be single pulled. Start clearing the room, you probably won't be able to clear it all until higher up, even then it will be hard. This can be done solo once you're level 18, 19, 20 depending on your class.

Level 22-32/33/34

I poked around different places. I never found an ideal place or places to level, although Halls of Mielech(Miel A, formerly Guk) and inside the Mansion at Shrouded Isle did get me a few levels each. That leaves me with the following recommendations: Warpstone, Shrouded Isle, Miel A (deeper in). Outside of Paw can be good as well for a solo class, although inside Paw can be rough without a solid group that is near or above 30. Warpstone Did Very well for me from 25-30, and i am still leveling there

Level 32 to 37ish

A good place is King's Pass. The MoP is near the south end, not far from the Shadowdale zoneline. Lots of undead to kill, and several nice camps, the xp is good and steady until mid to upper 30s. Avoid the guards at the Highkeep zoneline, they are alot higher. You can also go to Kaladim, the warrior guild is a good spot to kill at in the low 30s, while in the higher 30s, you can head over to the palace (royal guards & battle priests area) and kill there until about level 37.

Level 34 to 40-45

Heartlands. Kill spiders, and other junk until level 36-39 or so, then travel to the Goblin cave or kill the robots until 45. I only stayed here until level 40, although you can definately stay longer. This can be done solo.

Level 40-45 to 55

Keep of Mielech (Miel B). Go in former dead side, turn right at the split. Clear to the bridge. Can also clear more spiders as well instead of traveling to the bridge. Go across bridge, clear the mobs, and go up ladders and clear mobs up there as well.
If you think your group is strong enough at this point, jump down from the bridge and clear the area. Travel up through the dungeon (3 stories) until you are back up to the bridge; rinse, wash and repeat. There are 2 tricky spots, the hardest is when you are trying to go from the bottom floor to the 2nd floor, the room you enter upon going up the stairs can pull 5 mobs at once, some casters. This can't be done without a stronger group, so either stay on the bottom or don't come down until you can clear this room. Once you are higher you shouldn't have too much trouble clearing through the floors. I found this to be phenomenal XP all the way to 55.

Wyvernfang Coast - Came here around 42 solo'd the young wyverns. Better to duo or have a PLer here, they are a little fiesty. The Wyverns are too tough for 40-45. I was able to duo the young wyverns with my untwinked monk/dru at about 38/39ish, and started on the wyverns at about 42/43ish, though they were a bit too tough for fast xp til around 47-49ish

Level 51 to 58/59

Freeport, kill skellies. I only did East (I believe) Freeport, but it was very good XP. Lasanth is amazing xp, especially 51 - 55, for solo it can be done well beyond that, if you know the spots. It is a very popular place because of the good xp and drops, so it is fairly easy to find groups there.

Level 58/59-65

DN (Dragon Necropolis) is good for all levels, rat city to be specific. Not the greatest XP/hour, but its steadiness more than makes up for it. The time you waste rezzing group members, running to other zones, coming back after a wipe is minimized in every way at DN, so overall XP/hour increases dramatically due to these.

Strong groups can do Kedge Keep, Cyro Malath, Miel C, Eldenal's but in general these places are best done with a group of lvl 63+'s. Furthermore, they are best for 65's with good gear (at least partial raid gear). Expect more wipes and less controlled fights at these places. Another positive about DN is even with a good group it is challenging to clear the entire city, for there is never waiting on repops. Furthermore rat city is good money, average of a couple pp per mouse, gems, quest gems, quest armor pieces, and greymoss which can be sold easily for 50pp each, not to mention a few armor pieces that vendor well or can be sold to players cheaply before the split.
My suggestion is this: stick to rat city until 63 or 64, but either way just try to get in some kind of group. If you can group with raid geared players, great; you will get much better XP. If not, hit DN. Once 64/65 you can start doing the other places I mentioned. Either way it shouldn't be too terribly difficult to find a group once you're 63/64, as this opens you up to a candidate to a greater number of players, that will also be wanting to group. Another possibility is Lasanth, although I haven't hunted there.(If you can get a good puller that knows the zone, DN xp even at 59-63 cannot compare to mielc, elds, or kedgekeep. Especially kedgkeep)

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