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Clan Chief Svartbjorn in Sundered Mountains has offered me a two-handed sword if I bring him the head of the yeti Greyback. I can coax him out of his waterfall lair by killing a bunch of lesser yeties and bringing their heads to the waterfall.


Quest giver Clan Chief Svartbjorn
Starting Zone

Sundered Mountains

Suggested Level Range 31 - 40
Quest items used

Yeti Head
Head of Greyback

Item Reward(s)

Greatsword of the Clan

Currency Reward 15 Platinum
Positive (+) Faction

Wolfslayer Clan

Find Clan Chief Svartbjorn (Sundered Mountains at 1395, -463).

You say, 'Hail, Clan Chief Svartbjorn'
Clan Chief Svartbjorn says, 'Hail, Erudite! Welcome to the village of the Wolfslayer Clan. I am Svartbjorn, Chieftain. Come to drink? Feast? Or rest your legs between hunting? Perhaps you'd like to try your hand at a yeti hunt, eh?'
You say, 'A yeti hunt? Do tell.'
Clan Chief Svartbjorn says, 'Yetis are ferocious, rare beasts that live in the high mountaintops far above this village. Sometimes they come down to the plateau to hunt for food. Such a beast is a true warrior's challenge, but the worst of them all is Greyback.'
You say, 'Who is Greyback?'
Clan Chief Svartbjorn says, 'Greyback is the most ferocious of the yetis. If you want a true challenge, he is the one to go after. In fact, the Clan is offering one of our ancestrial two-handed bastard swords for anyone strong enough to bring him down.'
You say, 'Where would I find Greyback?'
Clan Chief Svartbjorn says, 'His lair is behind the waterfall to the North, but going inside would be suicide. Your only chance is to lure him out. I bet if you killed a bunch of the lesser yetis, and went up to the waterfall with a few of their decapitated heads in your hand, it would get his attention. Hah!'


  • Yeti Head

With Yeti Head in your inventory head to the waterfall in the northern part of Sundered Mountains and Greyback will spawn

Gather and give Clan Chief Svartbjorn:

  • Head of Greyback

You receive Greatsword of the Clan from Clan Chief Svartbjorn.

You receive 15 platinum pieces.

Your faction standing with Wolfslayer Clan has gotten better!