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Gods and Mortals

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This is a simple quest that will reward a quick 5000 experience and a necklace that will transport you to your deity's home plane.


Gods and Mortals
Starting Zone

Sea of Swords

Ending Zone Sea of Swords
Suggested Level Range 1 - 5
Experience Reward 5000
  1. Take a boat to Island of Voices in the Sea of Swords.
  2. Talk to Priest Jelnaz at the end of the docks to initiate the quest. You will get 5000 experience.
  3. Find NPC that represents the deity you want to swear to (or pariah).
  4. Speak the that NPC to swear allegiance to that deity.

Deity representatives
NPC Location Alignment Quest Reward
Priest Jelnaz -2108, 7648 NEUTRAL, GOOD Amulet of Jayla
Voice of Shojar -2227, 8298 LAWFUL, EVIL Amulet of Shojar
Voice of Althuna -2252, 8465 LAWFUL, GOOD Amulet of Althuna
Voice of Sivyana -2252, 8465 NEUTRAL, EVIL Amulet of Sivyana
Voice of Tarhyl -2901, 8573 CHAOTIC, EVIL Amulet of Tarhyl
Voice of Gradalsh -2519, 7949 CHAOTIC, EVIL Amulet of Gradalsh
Voice of Shiritri -2563, 8155 CHAOTIC, NEUTRAL Amulet of Shiritri
Voice of Enthann -2706, 7992 CHAOTIC, NEUTRAL Amulet of Enthann
Voice of Marlow -2643, 8256 LAWFUL, EVIL Amulet of Marlow
Voice of Tarhansar -1915, 7962 CHAOTIC, GOOD Amulet of Tarhansar
Voice of Sihala -2539, 7771 LAWFUL, NEUTRAL Amulet of Sihala

Deity specific augment quest

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