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Quest giver Valath Pirshus
Starting Zone

Haegra Malath

Ending Zone Haegra Malath
Other Zone(s)

Cyrtho Malath

Suggested Level Range 65 plus
Quest items used

Globe of the Elements Combined
Sparking Heart
Stoney Heart
Frozen Heart
Burning Heart

Item Reward(s)

Globe of the Elements Improved

Positive (+) Faction

Cartaka Malath

Experience Reward 55493

Find Valath Pirshus (Haegra Malath at -628, -1238, 11).

Give Valath Pirshus the Globe of the Elements Combined.


Gather and give to Valath Pirshus:

Pirshus concentrates on the hearts. A portion of glowing elemental blood seeps from each, trailing through the Valath's fur and dripping off his claw-tips, annoiting each facet of the elemental globe in turn. When he is done, he returns the globe to you and keeps the hearts. 'You have done well, <Player Name>.'

You gain 55493 experience!!

You receive Globe of the Elements Improved from Valath Pirshus.