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Format for adding new items

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Making your newly discovered item look "right" on the Wiki isnt hard. And if everyone follows the same "standard", things look a lot less messy. If you have the item, or know someone with it equipped, the easiest way to add new EQUIPPABLE items is via web tool. Consult the fomelo2wiki guide for further specific instructions on using that tool to add items to the SoDWiki.

Template Notes

  • Remove parameters that do not apply!
  • The order parameters are listed in does not matter, but please keep name, image and source at the top and in that order.

Special Category

Any red categories? Item not showing up on the NPC?

If the category doesn't already exist, find Special Category in the Page Formatting selections. This will add the right code to the category - you just need to hit Submit and you're done.

If the category Dropped by NPC does exist on the item, but the item isn't showing up on the NPC, you can either wait or just click  Edit  on the category and Save without making any changes. This will purge the category.

See also

  • Template:Itemstats/doc - Documentation on the entire template. What everything does. If you want to be a real editor, you should know this.