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Flaying the Devil

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Flaying the Devil
Quest giver Captain Vazan
Next quest

Battle Against the Alliance
Holding the Line

Previous quest

Crime and Incompetence

Starting Zone


Other Zone(s)

Eastern Wastelands

Suggested Level Range 61 - 65
Faction Required Stormhammers
Quest items used

Black Devil Pelt

Item Reward(s)

Loyalist's Badge

Experience Reward 50000
Related overview
  1. Crime and Incompetence
  2. Flaying the Devil
  3. These two quests must be completed in any order
  4. Aid to the King
Note: This quest is suggested for groups, not solo play.

Find Captain Vazan (Stormkeep at -838, 1157, -130).

You say, 'Another job is available, you say?'
Captain Vazan says, 'So you wish further tasks? Well, here's one that should be a bit harder than chasing down a thief. See this cloak I carry around on my shoulders? It's made from one of the last Black Devils, gigantic black cougars that once stalked the wastes in packs.'
You say, 'The what?'
Captain Vazan says, 'Devil would be better wording, as there's only one left. I received my current cloak from Razan, obviously seeking to further his influence, and in a drunken fit I promised another to my favorite slave! She will not leave me alone over it for a minute. If you get me the skin of the last Black Devil, I'll reward you.'

Gather and give Black Devil Pelt to Captain Vazan.

Captain Vazan sighs with relief as you hand him the pelt, 'Finally I will have some peace. Here's your reward, as promised.'

Your faction standing with Stormhammers has gotten better!

Your faction standing with Scale Alliance has gotten worse!

You gain 50000 experience!!

You recieve 80 platinum pieces.

You receive Loyalist's Badge from Captain Vazan.