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Explosive Flame VII

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Del Jarels sends you to "win" the Newport Cup for the mage guild.


Explosive Flame VII
Quest giver Del Jarels
Previous quest

Explosive Flame VI

Starting Zone

Southern Newport

Class Required


Minimum Level Required 20
Quest items used

Black Ichor
Bone Pestle
Field Crucible

Item Reward(s)

Explosive Flame Robe

Experience Reward 12,000
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Find Del Jarels (Southern Newport)

You say, 'Hail, Del Jarels'
Del Jarels says, 'It's almost time for the big game, and we've got the best plan ever! It's sure-fire to give us the trophy.'
You say, 'What will we do?'
Del Jarels says, 'We'll blow up the trophy's mesh cage and the wizard half of the field! It's genius!' Del rubs his hands together gleefully. 'In the confusion, we can easily make off with the trophy!'
You say, 'What do I do, coach?'
Del Jarels says, 'Collect black ichor from the ground at Shrouded Island, a bone pestle from Vulfwere Raiders in the Warpstone Caverns, and a field crucible from the Liodreth outside Paw, then bring them to me. We'll use that, along with our own stores of blast powder, to make the explosives. Oh, we'll get them good this year!'

Gather and give Del Jarels:

  • Black Ichor
  • Bone Pestle
  • Field Crucible
Note: This Field Crucible must be looted from a liodreth in the Southern Badlands
Del Jarels says, 'This should do nicely. Sven will be in position with the explosives whenever you're ready. Go to the newport arena and speak with the referee. If he isn't there, return to me for instructions.'

Find a referee (Southern Newport at -40, -440, 4).

You say, 'Hail, a referee.'
a referee says, 'Everyone, take your places.'
Your cohort gives you a signal. Everything is prepared.
a fiery explosion player says, 'This ball is too heavy.'
an explosive flame player says, 'It's hot out here...'
a fiery explosion player says, 'I want to go home.'
an explosive flame player says, 'Ahhh! He's gone mad! Run!'
Your ally whispers to you, 'Be ready! The plan is about to start!' The entire playing field erupts in flame! Smoke fills the arena as the players file out toward the cleric temple for some healing.
Your friend approaches you during the chaos. 'We've done it!' He coughs furiously, his face covered in soot. 'We've recovered the trophy! The honor of giving it to the guildmaster is yours, I'm going to head back to the guild hall and try to clean myself up. The referee has the trophy, go talk to him to get it.'
You say, 'Hail, a referee'
The referee is busy shouting commands to the players. He hands you the trophy without checking to see who you even are.

You receive Melted Trophy from a referee.

Give Melted Trophy to Del Jarels.

Del Jarels says, 'Oh, happy day!' Del takes the trophy lovingly, putting it on a stand next to several other similarly melted trophies. 'You've done more than we could have hoped. Here, take this and wear it with pride!'

You receive Explosive Flame Robe from Del Jarels.

You gain 12000 Experience.

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