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Envoy Bippa's Blightmetal quest

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Envoy Bippa, an ambitious Gnomish excavator, is awaiting an important delivery from Underhill.


Envoy Bippa's Blightmetal quest
Quest giver Envoy Bippa
Starting Zone

Sundered Mountains

Other Zone(s)


Suggested Level Range 21 - 30
Quest items used

Bippa's Power Source
Blight Metal Slab
Rare Lotus Flower (for Charm)
Panda Fur x2 (for Bracer)
Pearl (for Dagger)

Item Reward(s)

Blightmetal Charm
Blightmetal Bracer
Blightmetal Dagger

Currency Reward 5 Platinum
Experience Reward 15000

Find Envoy Bippa (Sundered Mountains at 2190, -600, 780).

You say, 'Hail Envoy Bippa.'
Envoy Bippa says, 'Oh, hi! I'm Bippa, Envoy to Underhill, and in charge of the excavation here. Well... I was. Until my digbot's power source ran out.'
You say, 'What's the purpose of the excavation?
Envoy Bippa says, 'Well, see, this entire island used to be a chunk of the Lands of Magic, and the rock here is warped with all kinds of interesting spells and effects. That's why I use a golem to dig, it'd be far too dangerous for normal miners. Diggers makes the tunnel, Fetchers lifts out all the loose rock, any interesting samples get sent back to Underhill, and the rest these villagers can keep for making tools and armor and all the like. Everyone wins! Well... everyone WON, until Diggers' power source ran out.'
You say, 'So then you need a new power source?'
Envoy Bippa says, 'Yeah... you can only get a new one from underhill. I requested a replacement days ago, but so far, nothing. I'd go get it myself, but I don't want to leave my golems for long either, so I'm stuck. Hey... maybe you could fetch it for me?'
You say, 'Sure, I have some time.'
Envoy Bippa says, 'Great! Just go to Underhill and talk Master Mechanic Burble about the power source. Get back here when you have it.'

Find Master Mechanic Burble (Underhill at 487, 23, -26).

Note: If you hail him, he will tell you about another local quest, Underhill Spare Parts bounty quest. You can bypass this by simply saying, "Bippa's power source?"
You say, 'bippa's power source?'
Master Mechanic Burble says, 'Oh, yes, I meant to deliver Bippa's new power source, but there's just so much to do around here... give my apologies to Bippa, will you?'

You receive Bippa's Power Source from Master Mechanic Burble.

Give Bippa's Power Source to Envoy Bippa

Envoy Bippa says, 'Ah, great work! Now I'll have Diggers back to work in no time. Here, you can have this. It's the latest curious sample to come out of the excavation. I think the village smith might be able to work with it to make something nice.'

You recieve Blight Metal Slab from Envoy Bippa.

You gain 5000 experience!!

Find Freya the Blacksmith (Sundered Mountains at 1253, -373, 1026).

You say, 'Hail Freya the Blacksmith.'
Freya the Blacksmith says, 'Yah, yah, I'm a busy woman. Get on with your buisness.'

Give Blight Metal Slab to Freya the Blacksmith.

Freya the Blacksmith says, 'Oh? Got it from Bippa, you say? Well... it's metal, sure enough, and I figure I can work with metal. I could probably make this into a dagger, a bracer, or a charm. Not alot else that fits the size and form of this bit. Well then, do you want a dagger, a bracer or a charm?'
Note: You may only choose one option, and cannot change your mind later. Be certain you're choosing the one you actually want!
You say, 'I want a dagger.'


You say, 'I want a bracer.'


You say, 'I want a charm.'
Freya the Blacksmith says, 'Okay, I will make it into a <chosen item>. I love working with new metals, but you will have to do the gathering for components.
Note: The final part of the quest depends on which item was chosen earlier.


Freya the Blacksmith says, 'It's tradition in this village to bind the flowers of a newly-bloomed lowland lotus into charms like this one, for luck. Finding a newly-bloomed lotus is quite hard, as they are rare enough... but you should be able to find one somewhere along the riverbed in the valley. Fetch me a flower from it, and I'll be set for the charm.'

Give Rare Lotus Flower to Freya the Blacksmith.

Freya the Blacksmith says, "That's everything then. I'll just get to work... ah! It's done. Looks like quite a lucky charm to me, <Player Name>. A pleasure doing business.'

You receive Blightmetal Charm from Freya the Blacksmith.

You gain 10000 experience!!


Freya the Blacksmith says, 'The dagger should be simple enough to fashion, but I'd hate to work with such a beautiful material without getting a pommel stone for the dagger hilt. A pearl should do just fine. Get me a pearl, I'm pretty sure the jeweler here in the village sells them.'

Give Pearl to Freya the Blacksmith.

Freya the Blacksmith says, 'That's everything then. I'll just get to work... ah! It's done. Quite a sharp dagger, you'd have to agree. Enchanted too, by the gleaming look of that metal. A pleasure doing business.'

You receive Blightmetal Dagger from Freya the Blacksmith.

You gain 2500 experience!!


Freya the Blacksmith says, 'I've got what I need for the bracer. Except... well, you could probably have guessed it: Padding. I'm sure I could do the padding work myself just for this little piece, but I don't have any panda fur. Get me two pieces.'

Give two Panda Fur to Freya the Blacksmith.

Freya the Blacksmith says, 'That's everything then. I'll just get to work... ah! It's done. Just fit it around your wrist like that, and it should bestow whatever qualities the metal carries to you. A pleasure doing business.;

You receive Blightmetal Bracer from Freya the Blacksmith.

You gain 10000 experience!!