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Enthann's Necklace and Augment

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Quest giver Priestess Kalista
Starting Zone

Plane of Valor

Ending Zone Plane of Valor
Other Zone(s)

Fearstone Keep
Shrouded Isle
Lair of Paw
Heartland Plateau
Hidden Temple of Yaralith
Eldenal's Mansion
The Rust
Mielech's Lair
Everchill Caverns
Fire Grottos
Kedge Keep
Dragon Necropolis

Suggested Level Range 10 - 65
Quest items used

Fearsome Metal Ore
Shrouded Metal
Liodreth Badge
Heartland Bear Claw
Holy Water of Yaralith
Pendant of Valor
Dark Shrine Fragment
Hivemind Drive Chain
Amulet of Valor
Mageblade's Ruby
Frosted Sapphire
Burning Garnet
Mystic Water Opal
Poisoned Moonstone

Item Reward(s)

Pendant of Valor
Amulet of Valor
Blademage's Ruby of Valor
Frosted Sapphire of Valor
Burning Garnet of Valor
Poisoned Moonstone of Valor
Mystic Opal of Valor

Alignment shifts toward Chaotic, Neutral
Experience Reward 21,00+

Step 1 Priestess Kalista

You receive the initial Amulet of Enthann from Priestess Kalista upon request.She may be found in the Plane of Valor, in the courtyard for the main temple, loc -180, -1150.

Once she has given you the Amulet of Enthann, she will offer to improve it to Pendant of Valor if you can bring her:

Return with items from both zones and turn them in to her along with the necklace.

You gain 2000 experience!!

You recieve Pendant of Valor.

Step 2 Priest Roder

You say, 'Hail, Priest Roder'
Priest Roder says, 'Ahhh, <Player Name>. I see that you completed Kalista's task and made yourself a pendant to go with your necklace. I happen to know a way in which to engrave the pendant and augment the necklace further, should you wish it.'
You say, 'How would I go about engraving the pendant?'
Priest Roder says, 'I am afraid that it requires more component gathering on your part. You will need a more malleable metal to encase the pendant you already have to allow for it to be engraved. Along with this you will need something strong yet magically imbued to do the engraving with.'
You say, 'What items do you have in mind?'
Priest Roder says, 'For the metal you must travel to the Lair of Paw and hunt down Liodreth Guards. The Guards use a Small badge of metal found only in Paw to signify their status which would do very nicely. As for the engraving tool travel to the Heartland Plateau and acquire a heartland grizzly's claw.'
You say, 'Is that all?'
Priest Roder says, 'As a matter of fact it isn't! Finally you will need a vial of holy water from the priests in the Hidden Temple of Yaralith. This last part might not sound essential, but if you want the engraved pendant to do more than look prettier than before we will need use of the waters magic. Bring all of these to me along with your amulet and I will gladly engrave your pendant for you'

Gather and give to Priest Roder:

Priest Roder takes the badge in one palm and your unstrung amulet in the other and claps them together with great strength. With both hands clasped he begins to hum quietly much like Kalista did previously. When he parts open his hands you see your pendant has been covered by an even sheen of the Greatpaw Badges metal. He then takes the predator claw and makes 4 quick strokes into the metal, making some sort of symbol. After the marks are in place he pours the vial over the amulet adding to it a vibrant sheen.
Priest Roder says, 'All done, <Player Name>. I trust you will find your errand was most worth it. One last thing can be done to further the magical properties of your amulet. If you wish to know the last task speak to Priest Suuk.

You gain 19000 experience!!

You recieve Amulet of Valor.

Step 3 Priest Suuk

You say, 'Hail, Priest Suuk'
Priest Suuk says, 'I have been wondering when you would come and see me <Player Name>. Roder told me of your trek to engrave the pendant and I am glad to see that you have been successful.'
You say, 'Roder told me that you could improve the amulet further?'
Priest Suuk says, 'Improve the amulet? No... that is not what I can do. The amulet has been improved as far as it can. I can tell you how to use the amulet to create for yourself a gemstone of valor.'
You say, 'Gemstone of Valor?'
Priest Suuk says, 'A Gemstone of Valor is an augmentation of great proportions. A few gems may be used to create such an augment... A frosted sapphire or burning garnet can be used if you are one who meddles in the elemental magical arts. If you prefer magics which are not elemental in nature you might wish to acquire a mystic water opal. One who considers themselves a master in the way of the sword or dagger may use a mageblade's Ruby. Finally there is the poisoned moonstone for those who dabble in the darker side of the magics. Along with the gem of your choice you will also need to bring me some items to be used in the imbuing of the gem with the amulet.'
Where can I find a frosted sapphire?
Where can I find a burning garnet?
Where can I find a mystic water opal?
Where can I find a mageblade's ruby?
Where can I find a poisoned moonstone?
You say, 'What other items do you need besides a gem?'
Priest Suuk says, 'I will need a piece of a dark shrine to act as a bezel to hold the gem. Search this out in the mansion of the Eldenals. Finally bring me a chain from one of the drones in The Rust. This will be used to allow the gemstone to be attached to whatever you may require. Not any will do though, the chain must be attained from the drone that controls all the other drones. Once you have the gem, the shrine fragment and the chain bring them all back to me along with your Amulet of Valor.'

Gather and give to Priest Suuk:


Depending on the gem delivered to Priest Suuk, the player receives one of the following: