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Elementary Engineering

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Elementary Engineering


Type Used in Tradeskills
Sold by merchants for 3 Silver
Used in the Tradeskill(s) Tinkering
See also Text
The Book is closed.
WT: 1.0 Size: Small 
Class: None
Race: None

Elementary Engineering

by Eiliphina Everscorched

If you are interested in learning tinkering then by all means, read on.

Batteries are good practice and cover an extremely wide range of skill. Additionally, they are used to power other creations you will learn to make as you advance your tinkering. There are six batteries in all. The easiest is the simple microbattery which is made with 36 gauge wire, electrodes, lemon juice, and a nanotube. Low and medium grade batteries start with a size 1 sensor, high and superior with a size 2 sensor. All four use a glass tube. Then add simple black liquid and cheap fuel, or pure green ooze and impure fuel, or complex blue mixture and distilled fuel, or grotesque midnight ointment and divine fuel. The last battery is quite tricky and is made with a perfect glass tube, a size 4 sensor, divine fuel, perfect aquamarine filings, a clockwork oil pump and a clockwork armor power source.

On to something a little more fun, fireworks! The first two are made with a glass tube, cheap fuel, and two black or green filings. The others use a perfect glass tube, impure fuel, and two sharp black or sharp green filings.

A petite mechanism is only slightly harder to create than a simple microbattery. All you need to do is combine small springs and small gears. Add the resulting item to a simple microbattery and you get the mechano-guts used to form internal workings for some very interesting mechanical bugs. Work on these until you feel you have perfected the skill, then take your mechano-guts, 28 gauge wire and a part from the natural creature you wish to emulate and put them together. Currently this is known to work with wasp wings, spider venom glands, and scorpion claws. The downside is these are disposable, only working once. You can attempt to re-combine 10 of any one bug into a creature that is reusable 10 times. It is more difficult than the basic bug recipe, and you will not always be successful, even if you have mastered wasps, spiders, and scorpions, but is well worth the saved space.

Last, but not least is a special blade that can be made once you have gotten along a bit in your tinkering. Combine 2 size 5 plating, 2 size 2 tubing, a size 4 servo, and a size 2 sprocket. The item itself seems, well, even for a gnomish invention it seems quite odd. But rumors abound that there is more to the Toothed Blade than meets the eye, so you would do well to try your hand at it.

You have likely noticed that some of the ingredients mentioned here are not well known. I've also written "Tinkering: Skill Crossovers of Note" that makes an excellent companion to any volume on tinkering.