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Druid Thurgadin Hoop of the Hound quest

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Thurgadin quests are class specific quests which originate in Thurgadin. The Artificers that give the quests are located in the Cleric guild of Thurgadin. Artificier Sorgola gives the Druid quests.

You say, 'Hail, Artificier Sogola.'
Artificier Sorgola tells you, 'Hmm, yes, you look like you may be of use to me. I am working on two projects - creating a pair of artifacts I have dubbed the Hoop of the Hound and the Cape of the Devouring Earth - but I am in desperate need of a skilled adventurer to do field work for me.'


Druid Thurgadin Hoop of the Hound quest
Quest giver Artificier Sorgola
Starting Zone


Other Zone(s)

Lesser Faydark
Sundered Mountains
Eldenal's Mansion

Class Required


Suggested Level Range 51 - 60
Quest items used

Dire Wolf Fang
Lupine Steel Band
Words of Fright

Item Reward(s)

Hoop of the Hound

Experience Reward 25,000
Related overview

Find Artificier Sorgola (Thurgadin at -164, 786).

You say, 'Tell me about the Hoop of the Hound'
Artificier Sorgola tells you, 'The Hoop of the Hound is bound with the power to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, lowering their will and ability to resist your magical attacks. In order to complete this project, I need a Dire Wolf Fang, a Lupine Steel Band and Words of Fright.'
You say, 'Dire Wolf Fang?'
Artificier Sorgola tells you, 'The fang of a dire wolf. Dire wolves, while rare, have occasionally been sighted around the Faydark forest of the New World.'
You say, 'Lupine Steel Band?'
Artificier Sorgola tells you, 'Lupine Steel is metal infused with the feral spirits of werewolves. You may be able to find such an item on a particularily old and ferocious werewolf.'
You say, 'Words of Fright?'
Artificier Sorgola tells you, 'Words of Fright are phrases of power utilized by the mages of Elthannar, particularily to cow and subdue their undead slaves.'

Gather and give Artificier Sorgola:

  • Dire Wolf Fang
  • Lupine Steel Band
  • Words of Fright
Artificier Sorgola tells you, 'Excellent field work, <playername>. I should be able to assemble this right away... there! You can have this prototype, I will be able to make more of these now that I know how it's done.'

You receive Hoop of the Hound from Artificier Sorgola.

You gain 25000 experience!!

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