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Dorro's Sensational Discoveries

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Dorro's Sensational Discoveries


Type Used in Tradeskills
Sold by merchants for 3 Silver
Used in the Tradeskill(s) Tinkering
See also Text
The Book is closed.
WT: 1.0 Size: Small 
Class: None
Race: None

Dorro's Sensational Discoveries

by Dorro Twotoes

Dear readers, it has been long since I published Exotic Hides and the Gnomes That Love Them, so you will no doubt be excited to learn of my newest discovery. Namely, the use of special hides in tinkering! With the right combination you will have a wearable creation to aid you in maintaining your temperature.

You will want skins from water goblins to produce a simple cooling cloak. Two of these combined with a clockwork spring and a clockwork cog should do the trick. If you prefer you can make a comfortable cooling cloak with two frozen orc skins, a clockwork spring assembly, and a clockwork structure.

When it comes to keeping you warm a clockwork cog, clockwork gear, and two fire goblin skins will make a serviceable pair of heated trousers. If you find yourself in need of a better pair then sturdy heated trousers are what you want. Two fire giant skins, a clockwork sprocket assembly, and a clockwork spring assembly are all the ingredients you need.

That's it for now my dears. If I discover more, you will be sure to hear from me again!