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Cogwin's Mechanical Monthly

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Cogwin's Mechanical Monthly


Type Used in Tradeskills
Sold by merchants for 3 Silver
Used in the Tradeskill(s) Tinkering
See also Text
The Book is closed.
WT: 1.0 Size: Small 
Class: None
Race: None

Welcome one and all to another edition of Cogwin's Mechanical Monthly. Our sponsor for this edition is Mordin's Meats. Mention our publication next time you shop to receive 10% off your purchase. Now, on to the latest and greatest discoveries in the world of Tinkering!

Exciting progress has been made into tinkered bow parts. The recipes are quite involved, but after extensive research I have managed to obtain all of the information.

Copper studs, silver studs, a pair of size two platings, simple black liquid and simple blue liquid combined yields a small clockwork bow cam.

Mithril studs, dalium studs, a size two sensor, a size three sensor, plus pure green ooze and pure blue tincture yields a glowing clockwork bow cam.

Warpmetal studs, ghostmetal studs, a clockwork sprocket, a clockwork spring, complex green mixture and complex blue mixture yields a flawless clockwork bow cam.

Two deepmetal studs, two clockwork pistons, combined with simple black liquid, simple blue liquid, grotesque midnight ointment and malevolent cerulean salve yields a moonstone disk.

What further use can be made of these I do not know at this time, but I will continue to gather information for my next publication.

Keep curious and tinker on...

Velpter Cogwin