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Class archetype
Armor class

Preferenced statistics
Title at level 51 Primalist
Title at level 55 Animist
Title at level 60 Savage Lord
Title at level 65 Feral Lord
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The Beastlord is a hybrid class that mixes elements of the Monk and the Shaman. The result is a melee fighter with some healing ability, ample buffs, and an ever-faithful animal companion known as a warder who will fight tirelessly at the Beastlord's side. This class is as well-suited to soloing as it is to grouping. In the latter case, the role of the Beastlord is twofold; he or she is capable of providing both DPS and utility support.

Upon attaining his or her first spells (level 9), a Beastlord will be called upon by the local guildmaster to decide on which animal companion to form a bond with. This bond is everlasting, and the chosen animal cannot be abandoned later in favor of another; therefore, the fledgling Beastlord would be well-advised to weigh the options available to his or her race. The race/warder options are as follows:

Race Warden Option #1 Warden Option #2 Warden Option #3
Barbarian Polar Bear Snow Wolf White Rabbit
Iksar Elhasaur Co`dair Rockhopper
Ogre Elephant Gorilla Skunk
Troll Alligator Basilisk Leech
Vah Panther Sabertooth Tiger
Note: There are no gameplay advantages, statistical or otherwise, that go along with choosing one warder over another. Although a guildmaster's dialogue may suggest there to be some variance among them, the Beastlord's choice in this matter is purely for roleplaying and aesthetic purposes. Do note, however, that some warders take up more space than others; the Beastlord's Tiny Companion and Shrink spells can compensate for this. Additionally, note that your warder choice is permanent! You do have the ability to change warders once, but you must complete the quest A Second Chance to do so.

Starting Statistics

The Beastlord class receives 20 stat points to distribute at character creation. Important stats to the class are Stamina, Agility, Wisdom, and Charisma. Suggested placement, 20Cha, Charisma is important for spells not being resisted and all Beastlord races have very bad starting Charisma. CHA is also less common on hybrid gear than other needed stats.

Barbarian 103 105 87 70 80 60 60
Iksar 70 80 95 85 90 75 60
Ogre 130 132 75 70 77 60 42
Troll 108 119 88 75 70 52 45
Vah 90 85 95 70 80 65 70


Bug Bug!
Sneak appears to be trainable at level 1 when you train at your guild, but it is NOT trainable by Beastlords! However, if you do train the skill, the points are not wasted, but will be returned to you after you zone or relog-in.


(*) Does not follow the 5(lvl+1) skill-up formula. (**) Gains 3 points per level at 51-60, and then 4 points per level at 61-65

Combat Skills

Level <50 cap 50+ cap
1H Blunt** 1 200 250
2H Blunt** 1 200 250
Piercing** 1 200 250
Hand to Hand 1 200 250
Throwing 1 200  ?
Offense 1 200 250
Defense 1 210 230
Kick 5 200 250
Dodge 10 175 225
Dual Wield 17 200 250
Block 25 150 200
Riposte 40 150 200

Caster Skills

Level <50 cap 50+ cap
Abjuration 9 200 250
Alteration 9 200 250
Conjuration 9 200 250
Divination 9 200 250
Evocation 9 200 250
Channeling 9 200 250
Meditate 12 200 250

Other Skills

Level <50 cap 50+ cap
Sense Heading* 1 200 200
Bind Wound 1 100 150
Swimming* 1  ?  ?
Fishing 1 250 250
Baking* 1 250 250
Tailoring* 1 250 250
Blacksmithing* 1 250 250
Fletching* 1 250 250
Brewing* 1 250 250
Alcohol Tolerance 1 250 250
Begging 1 N/A N/A
Jewelcrafting* 1 250 250
Pottery* 1 250 250

Combat Styles

To use styles, type /style (or /s) and the corresponding number of the style. /style list will bring up the list of styles for your class.

Skill Name Level Description
(1) Normal 1 No modifiers
(2) Aggressive 1 Increase attack speed; Decrease avoidance
(3) Defensive 1 Decrease attack speed; Increase avoidance
(4) Spiritual Guardian 20 Reduce hate Beastlord generates
(5) Focus of the Lemur 40 Increase Damage
(6) Rending Rage 55 Interrupt all spells until exhausted
(7) Spiritual Empathy 65 Share damage with Warder
(8) Monkey See, Monkey Do 65 Pet mimics the master's spells and procs (requires completion of Advanced Beast Magic quest)
(9) Jaws and Claws 50 Pet performs a whirlwind attack (requires completion of Advanced Beast Magic quest)

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Getting the Most Out of Your Beastlord

Beastlords are (currently) the only class who has the ability to easily upgrade their power via a quest. Once you are capable of summoning a warder, you can complete the Advanced Beast Magic quest to build the bond between your warder and yourself. This enables a number of abilities, including /s 8 and /s 9 above, as well as allowing your warder to enter a blood frenzy. As your warder sees your current enemy losing in battle, their attacks become even more savage, causing increased damage until the foe is dispatched. The beastlord also shares a percentage of this increase. This ability strengthens as the beastlord gains in levels.