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Art Master Tergon's Tasks II

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Art Master Tergon's Tasks II
Quest giver Art Master Tergon
Next quest

Art Master Tergon's Tasks III

Previous quest

Art Master Tergon's Tasks I

Starting Zone

Sadri Malath

Other Zone(s)

Sundered Mountains

Class Required


Suggested Level Range 1 - 5
Race Required


Quest items used

Feeder Hide x 3

Item Reward(s)

Gloves of the Art Keeper

Positive (+) Faction

Keepers of the Art

Find Art Master Tergon (Sadri Malath at -146,-149).

You say, 'Hail Art Master Tergon'
Art Master Tergon says, 'Ah I can sense your seek training and guidance. While I would like to accomodate you, there is an urgent matter which must be addressed for the time being.'
You say, 'What is this urgent matter?'
Art Master Tergon says, 'The parchment we use to scribe our spells for young recruits such as you have run low. Your first task is of a simple nature, and involves the feeder calves just beyond the cave leading into the mountains. Go there and gather for me three of their hides, so that we may create additional parchments for our spells.'

Gather and give Art Master Tergon:

  • Feeder Hide x3

You recieve Gloves of the Art Keeper.

You gain 500 experience!!