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Apprentice Vaceth

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Apprentice Vaceth

Valley of Erimal

(1151, 860, -42) Palace library - first floor

Seekers of Erimal

Quests involved in


Gives you a random Ancient Spell or Relic Spell in exchange for a Ancient Spell Scroll or Eldritch Spell Scroll.

Like all Seekers, one must get to part 3 in the Main Quest before you can interact with him.

Will translate tomes and bind them to you so you can learn from them. First hand him the tome, and he will translate it for a fee. The cost per tome varies:

  • 500 platinum for general I tomes
  • 1000 platinum for class I tomes
  • 1200 platinum for general II tomes
  • 2000 platinum for general III and class II tomes
Note: You must have 1 platinum over the translation cost. For example, if you are translating a general I tome, you must have 501pp on you. You will still only pay 500pp. You do not trade the money, just have it in your inventory.

Faction effects on kill