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A parched Gruplok

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A parched Gruplok
Level DB to 65

The Murk


The Gruplok

You hear a slow, scraping sound from the nearby vegetation.
You say, 'Hail, a parched Gruplok'
The Gruplok trembles at your approach, but is too exhausted to move. Grooves in the mud at his feet suggest that he has been crawling toward the nearby water.
The Gruplok speaks in barely a whisper.
A parched Gruplok says, 'W.. Water.'
The Gruplok's eyes close and his breathing becomes shallower.

Give Water Flask to a parched Gruplok

The Gruplok drinks in long fevered gulps, coughing between swallows.

Your faction standing with The Gruplok has gotten better!

You gain 1000 experience!!

The Gruplok looks around timidly and scampers off.